Serological analysis

Serological analysis

By using the ELISA technique on blood samples, we can quickly detect antibodies produced by the body against a large number of viruses and bacteria.

Merefelt Livestock Diagnostics has a has a comprehensive package of ELISA tests for pig, cattle, and goat pathogens. There are also ELISA tests that can be performed on milk.

We have developed realistic and practical monitoring programmes to follow the long term progress of certain diseases at a farm. These programmes can be specifically tailored to your farm. The results of these monitoring programmes are subjected to statistical analysis and presented graphically so the health status will be made clear at a glance.

Merefelt Livestock Diagnostics deploys two analytical devices to ensure the turnaround time is short. We strive to complete a full screening within five working days. In an emergency, this can be shortened to the same day.

We participate in international interlaboratory comparisons to be able to guarantee quality.